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  Endoscopic Neurosurgery  
ENDO Brain surgery-Preop Hydrocephalus
Neuro surgical endoscopy is a field that is becoming more widely used for the diagnostic and therapeutic purposes of many different conditions. The technological development of optical and mechanical instrumentation, in addition to stereotactic or ultrasound-guided procedures provides new modes of treatment that are less invasive and, there fore, less traumatic for the patient.
Endoscopic neurosurgery is a revelation  in field of  neurosurgery .

Advantages are many over the conventional neurosurgery .

1.-Smaller incision ---- 2 cm only
2.-All steps under direct vision
3.-Magnified view of all structures        
4.-Short hospital stay
5.-Less morbidity (less complications)

ENDO-brain surgery Postop Third Ventriculostomy

Following are the operations carried out by this method at NINS on regular basis

  1. Hydrocephalus- third ventriculostomy.
  2. Colloid cyst
  3. Arachanoid cyst
  4. Unification of multicompartment hydrocephalus
  5. Pituitary tumor surgery
  6. CSF Rhinorrhoea
  7. Endoscopic Disc Surgery
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