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  Aneurysm Surgery  
Aneurysm-A COM Aneurysm
Incidence of aneurysm is not clearly known in India but more knowledge we are detecting and operating more aneurysms per year than ever before. Aneurysm is a small bleb in the blood vessel which can occur anywhere in the body but vessels of the brain are more prone to it as they lack the muscular covering. Most commonly they present with sudden onset severe headache and pain is so severe that patient usually loses consciousness temporarily and once awake they can remember the
exact moment when pain started and they have not experienced such pain before. Other wise they present by the virtue of their size but compressing various parts of brain eg lose of vision, seizures etc.
Angio- MCA Aneurysm
All of the ruptured aneurysms ( ones who have caused bleeding) need surgery or clipping. They can also be coiled using femoral route but the indications are limited and facility is not available everywhere.
We usually perform a CT angio before reaching the diagnosis- DSA is done in doubtful or complicated cases. Patients are operated using microsurgical techniques and our results are comparable with the best centres in thecountry. We are operating about 30 cases per yr.
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